Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gabby Talks Bullying: Gabrielle Douglas Talks to Oprah About Being Bullied

Gabby will be on Oprah's Next Chapter this Sunday (8/26).  In the interview she talks to Oprah about her Olympic dreams, moving to Iowa and gymnastics of course.

She also talks about an issue that is all to common today, bullying.  Gabby talks to Oprah about being bullied for "being different" and she also says that's another one of the reasons she wanted to move.

Gabby kept the bullying a secret from her mom, at first.  Check out a clip below and don't forget to watch her this Sunday (August 26) at 8:30 on OWN.

First Look: Olympian Gabrielle Douglas Opens Up About Bullying
For the first time, gymnast Gabrielle Douglas opens up about bullying. Find out why her mother, Natalie, says Gabrielle almost quit gymnastics just two years before winning gold at the London Olympic Games. 

For more from Oprah's interview with Gabrielle, tune in Sunday, August 26, at 8:30/7:30c.

--Princess Carter

Source: OWN

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