Tuesday, August 7, 2012

In The Mix: Gaga's "ARTPOP" to Be Title of Third Album... First Revealed Title in New Tattoo Pix...

Lady Gaga gave her Little Monsters a treat over the weekend when she revealed that her new "ARTPOP" tattoo was indeed the name of her third album.

It's a pretty interesting title and perfect for for Gaga.  Who's a pretty interesting pop star and is definitely pop art.

Gaga seems very excited about her new album.  She recently played a dance heavy tune produced by DJ White Shadow from out of her car while in NYC --giving fans a treat, and telling them the track might be the first single.  

I wonder what "ARTPOP" will sound like?  With a name like that, it should be colorful, creative and heavy on the beat.

Let's hope Gaga gives us some more dance heavy tracks.
Lady Gaga/LittleMonsters.com
--Princess Carter

Source:  MTV

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