Thursday, August 2, 2012

King Hov: Jay-Z Picks Eclectic Bunch to Represent NBA2K13 Soundtrack.... Sounds of Hov, Ye, U2, Justice, Eric B. & Rakim + More Grace Soundtrack

As previously reported Jay has been chosen to executive produce the highly popular NBA2K series.  As part of his executive producing duties Jay, had to select the game's soundtrack.  And as expected the music is an eclectic mix of rap, roc & techno.  Of course he picked his classic, "PSA", which appeared in the game's trailer.  The classic "I Ain't No Joke" by Eric B. & Rakim.  "Stress" by Justice and a lot more.

Check out Hov's sounds below:

--Princess Carter

Credit: NBA 2K13 Facebook & Global Grind

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