Monday, August 27, 2012

Gabby Tells All: Gabrielle Douglas Talks Life With Oprah...

Last night Gabrielle's interview debuted on Oprah's Next Chapter.  It was a really touching interview and Gabrielle's beautiful smile was the star of the show.  In the interview Gabby talked about her dreams, heartaches and making the big move to Iowa.  Her two families and gymnastics of course!

The interview started off with an Oprah-Gabby embrace and Oprah telling, a beaming, Gabrielle that "it's like looking at a younger me".  Sweet.  The two talked about Gabby making the big move to Iowa and her determination to train with her coach, Liang Chow.  She also talked bullying and isolation that she felt while training at her gymnastics school in Virginia.  At one point it got so bad that she wanted to leave the sport.

But with all that said and done, she remains a positive light.  She kept focused and achieved her goals.  The interview with her two families was a tearjerker, such love.  They will share a bond forever.

Oprah Meets Gabrielle Douglas' Two Families
For nearly two years, gymnast Gabrielle Douglas has lived and trained in Iowa—1,200 miles away from her family in Virginia. Watch as Oprah sits down with Gabrielle's mom, Natalie, and Gabrielle's host parents, Travis and Missy Parton. Find out what advice Travis gave Gabrielle when she was so homesick she almost gave up on her dream. Plus, learn the touching reason the Partons opened up their home to an aspiring Olympian. (Source: OWN)

Oprah and Gayle also stopped by, Coach Chow's and Gabby and Oprah did a little beam work.  Coach Chow told Oprah that we still haven't seen everything Gabby's capable of doing.  He went as far to say, that he believed she'd be ready for 2016!!! Fingers crossed!!!

Oprah's Balance Beam Routine
Gayle and Oprah stop by Liang Chow's world-famous gymnastics facility in West Des Moines, Iowa. For 22 months before the Olympic Games, Gabrielle trained with Coach Chow six hours a day, six days a week in this gym. Watch as Coach Chow discusses Gabrielle's future in gymnastics. Plus, Gabrielle coaches Oprah on the practice beam!

Check out clips from the interview below.  

Exclusive Webisode: Gabrielle Douglas' First Family Interview
To the world, Gabrielle Douglas is a gymnastics champion, but to her mother, grandfather and three older siblings, she'll always be the little girl who learned to cartwheel in the backyard. Watch as Gabrielle's family tells Oprah what it was like to see her win gold in London.

Exclusive Webisode: Inside Gabrielle Douglas' Bedroom
Since 2010, Gabrielle Douglas has lived with the Parton family in Iowa to be closer to her coach, Liang Chow, and his world-class gymnastics facility. In this exclusive clip, Gabrielle shows Oprah around her bedroom. Plus, Gabrielle's four host sisters tell Oprah what is was like to watch their "big sister" win gold.

Exclusive Webisode: Gabrielle Douglas' Attitude Adjustment
Gymnast Gabrielle Douglas is certainly disciplined in the gym, but at home, this 16-year-old occasionally needs a little discipline from her parents. Watch as her mother, Natalie, tells Oprah how she works with Gabrielle's host family to dole out punishments.

Gabrielle Douglas Responds to Her Hair Critics

The night Team USA™ won gold, negative comments about gymnast Gabrielle Douglas' hair began to surface on social media. Some Twitter users called her hair "messy," "unkempt" and "hideous." Watch as Gabrielle responds to the hair controversy that became national news. Plus, find out how Oprah says she can relate to Gabrielle's hurt.

Olympian Gabrielle Douglas Opens Up About Bullying
For the first time, gymnast Gabrielle Douglas opens up about bullying. Find out why her mother, Natalie, says Gabrielle almost quit gymnastics just two years before winning gold at the Olympic Games in London.

Gabrielle is such a ray of light.  So beautiful!!!

--Princess Carter

Source: OWN

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