Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Roc News: Kanye's Found the "Perfect B*tch"... Pens Love Song for Girlfriend Kim Kardashian.....

Kanye declares his love (again) for girlfriend, Kim K.  And he wants the whole world to know that in Kim he's found the "Perfect B*tch".  

"Perfect B*tch" will appear on Yeezy's & GOOD Music's, "Cruel Summer".  The new track was heard in NYC Saturday night during the listening session for "Cruel Summer".

And according to the Daily News, "Perfect B*tch" was one of the standout tracks of the night.

The Daily News reports:

But the standout track of the night, according to our insider at the club and a source close to the mercurial rapper, was a song that included the chorus “My perfect bitch.” Our second source says the song is about his current and former girlfriend. “(He raps) verses about his search for the perfect woman and how he has now found the “perfect bitch,’ ” says the insider, adding that there are a number of descriptions in the song that reflect the looks of the curvalicious Kardashian. 
Our second source says the song, which West has tentatively titled “My Perfect Bitch” due to the repetitive chorus, uses the same melody from the 1937 composition “Carmina Burana,” a cantata by German composer Carl Orff.
He's not the first rapper to channel the late Orff: Nas and Diddy also sampled the song for their 1999 hit “Hate Me Now.”  (Sourcenydailynews)

Can't wait to hear what Kanye has to say about Ms. K. The bragging I'm sure will be immense.  And also to hear the production of the track. "Cruel Summer" hits nets & stores on September 4.

--Princess Carter

Sources: Rap-Up & New York Daily News

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