Wednesday, April 10, 2013

In The Know: First Lady Michelle Obama Talks About Gun Violence...Tears Up When She Talks About Young Hadiya Pendleton

Today our FLOTUS was back home in Chicago speaking about gun control, an issue that is near and dear to both her and President Obama.

She teared up when she talked about young, Hadiya Pendleton, the 15 year old honor student, who was killed by a stray bullet on her way home from school.  Just week's before her tragic death, Hadiya and her classmates performed at the President's second inauguration.

The FLOTUS told the audience that she was Hadiya, the only difference was, she got to grow up. It was such a touching moment:
“Hadiya Pendleton was me, and I was her,” Obama said at a fundraising lunch for a public-private partnership aimed at giving support to young Chicagoans and making neighborhoods safer. “But I got to grow up and go to Princeton and Harvard Law School and have a career and family and the most blessed life I could ever imagine."
"And Hadiya? Oh, we know that story."
We've got to stop this.  Watch the clip below.

--Princess Carter

Source:  Politico & Global Grind

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