Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Carter Life...Titans & Icons: Jay-Z & Beyoncé Make Time's 100 Most Influential Individually & As a Couple...Now That's Power!!!

The Carters are both featured in Time Magazine's, 100 Most Influential People in The World List.  Jay appears on the cover and makes the list in the coveted Titans category.  While Mrs. Carter makes the list, in the Icons category.  They also make the Most Powerful Couples List, along with President Obama and our beautiful First Lady.

Jay was profiled by another titan (love him or hate him) Mayor Michael Bloomberg--who tweeted about the list today, "Jay embodies so much of what makes NYC great, and he's never forgotten his roots".
Jay Z embodies so much of what makes New York New York. A kid from a tough neighborhood who grows up in public housing, overcomes lots of bad influences on the street, never lets go of his dream, makes it to the top — and then keeps going, pursuing new outlets for his creativity and ambition.
When no one would sign him to a record contract, he created his own label and built a music empire — before going on to design clothing lines, open sports bars and, most recently, represent professional athletes.  He’s an artist-entrepreneur who stands at the center of culture and commerce in 21st century America, and his influence stretches across races, religions and regions.
He’s never forgotten his roots — “Empire State of Mind” was a love song to our city — and as a co-owner of the NBA Nets, he helped bring a major league sports team back to Brooklyn, not far from his old neighborhood. In nearly everything he’s tried, he’s found success. (He even put a ring on Beyoncé.) And in doing so, he’s proved that the American Dream is alive and well. (Source:  Time100)
We all know that Jay Hova, is a titan who is constantly making mogul moves.  And in 2013, he's made power move after, power move.  Jay is the definition of the American Dream, and is a true titan, congrats Jay.

And B, has already had quite the year, as well.  She's now in Europe shutting down stages, leaving audiences breathless, and sending the fashion world into a frenzy, over her couture stage pieces.  So it's no surprise that she's made the Time 100, in the Icons category.  B was profiled by director, Baz Luhrmann, for her piece.

Luhrmann praised B's dedication, heart and passion:
Beyoncé contributed a song to the Great Gatsby sound­track, and I worked with her quite intensely some years ago on the Academy Awards. When I met her, I was struck by her warmth and her humility; she was surrounded by family and was always family-oriented. For the Oscars, she had to learn some extremely difficult choreography, and she just had that incredible work ethic where she was in the door, hit the number, let’s go, let’s work. Just work. 
When all the work is done, she can step onto a stage and draw every single person in the audience into an intimate experience. No one has that voice, no one moves the way she moves, no one can hold an audience the way she does. And she keeps growing and evolving in the ways that she expresses herself as a singer, as a performer and now as a mother.

She and Jay Z are the royal couple of culture, and she is the queen bee. She’s gone beyond being a popular singer, even beyond being a pop-cultural icon. When Beyoncé does an album, when Beyoncé sings a song, when Beyoncé does anything, it’s an event, and it’s broadly influential. Right now, she is the heir-­apparent diva of the USA — the reigning national voice.  (Source:  Time100)
True Royals!!!  Congrats!!!  Don't forget to pick up your copy.

--Princess Carter


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