Monday, April 22, 2013

Photo Shoot Fresh: Jay-Z Meets Up With Kanye in Soho....After KimYe's Shopping Spree...

The Throne is back together again.  Jay and Ye met up in Soho today.  Kanye was in Soho shopping with Kim, when he and Jay bumped into each other.  And the two brothers were happy to see each other.

So will Ye be producing any new tracks on Jay's new album?  Let's hope so.

Check out more photos of Jay, Ye and the KimYe outing.

Jay's "100$ Bill" snippet was leaked today, only to be quickly snatched away.  It's hot...can't wait for the entire song to be released.  

KimYe's Soho Shopping Spree:

--Princess Carter

Source:  Zimbio

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