Thursday, July 26, 2012

B News: Beyoncé Taking Jay-Z/Kanye Precautions With New Album...Wipes Studio Clean, No Internet Access

Looks like B's new music won't be leaking, like her previous albums.  She's taking a page out of her hubby's book, protecting her album at all cost.  Jay and Ye went through extreme measures to keep their hotly anticipated Watch The Throne from leaking.  They created their own studios in hotels around the world, used computers that had no wireless access, wiped studios clean after each use and stored all music on zip-drives.  Now word is B's taking similiar precautions.

Contact Music reports:
UK singer Conor Maynard said: ''I've heard some mad stories. With Beyonce, I heard that with her people they'll make sure that there's no-one in the studio. They go into the studio, wipe it, set up one new session for her to record. Once she's finished recording they move it onto a hard drive. They wipe the studio computer again and then leave.''
I wonder if B will also do the digital release first followed by the CD release?  I'm glad that her music is being better protected this time.  Tired of her ish always leaking early.  Fingers crossed for a November/December album.  Super excited about all this recent album and studio news.

I wonder when she'll start filming A Star is Born?  Maybe the Tom Cruise rumors are true... he's filming another movie now, until winter I believe.  Maybe they'll shoot once he's finished.  Hmm....

--Princess Carter

Sources:  Contact Music & @BeyonceXtreme

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