Thursday, July 26, 2012

Brooklyn Nets: Nets to Open Season Against The Knicks, Play Boston on Christmas Day, The Heat on November 7.....

The NBA released the 2012-2013 schedule Thursday evening... something this basketball fanatic has been waiting for all summer!!! This season will mark the Brooklyn Nets' Inaugural Season at the Barclays Center.  The Nets open their season at the Barclays Center against their hometown rivals The Knicks.  

I know The Carters will be court-side along with a host of other celebs.  I can't wait to see Spike.  I wonder if he'll feel torn because, he's from Brooklyn.  What an exciting time for NYC basketball!!!

The Nets will also have the honor of playing on Christmas Day when they host The Celtics in Brooklyn...Sweet!!  And their fourth game will be against Lebron, Wade, Bosh & Company on November 7.  Can't wait for that match-up.  Two teams I just can't get enough of!!! 

Check out the full schedule for the Brooklyn Nets' Inaugural Season below. 

Upcoming Games
NovemberOpponentTimeLocal TVNat TVRadio
 Thu 01 vs New York   7:00pm   
 Sat 03 vs Toronto   7:30pm   
 Mon 05 vs Minnesota   7:30pm   
 Wed 07 @ Miami   7:30pm   
 Fri 09 @ Orlando   7:00pm   
 Sun 11 vs Orlando   3:00pm   
 Tue 13 vs Cleveland   7:30pm   
 Thu 15 vs Boston   8:00pm   
 Sun 18 @ Sacramento   6:00pm   
 Tue 20 @ LA Lakers   10:30pm   
 Wed 21 @ Golden State   10:30pm   
 Fri 23 vs LA Clippers   7:30pm   
 Sun 25 vs Portland   3:00pm   
 Wed 28 @ Boston   7:30pm   
 Fri 30 @ Orlando   7:00pm   
DecemberOpponentTimeLocal TVNat TVRadio
 Sat 01 @ Miami   7:30pm   
 Tue 04 vs Oklahoma City   7:30pm   
 Fri 07 vs Golden State   7:30pm   
 Sun 09 vs Milwaukee   6:00pm   
 Tue 11 vs New York   7:00pm   
 Wed 12 @ Toronto   7:00pm   
 Fri 14 vs Detroit   7:30pm   
 Sat 15 @ Chicago   8:00pm   
 Tue 18 vs Utah   7:30pm   
 Wed 19 @ New York   7:00pm   
 Sun 23 vs Philadelphia   3:00pm   
 Tue 25 vs Boston   12:00pm   
 Wed 26 @ Milwaukee   8:00pm   
 Fri 28 vs Charlotte   7:30pm   
 Sat 29 vs Cleveland   7:30pm   
 Mon 31 @ San Antonio   8:30pm   
JanuaryOpponentTimeLocal TVNat TVRadio
 Wed 02 @ Oklahoma City   8:00pm   
 Fri 04 @ Washington   7:00pm   
 Sat 05 vs Sacramento   7:30pm   
 Tue 08 @ Philadelphia   7:00pm   
 Fri 11 vs Phoenix   7:30pm   
 Sun 13 vs Indiana   6:00pm   
 Tue 15 vs Toronto   7:30pm   
 Wed 16 @ Atlanta   7:30pm   
 Fri 18 vs Atlanta   7:30pm   
 Mon 21 @ New York   3:30pm   
 Wed 23 @ Minnesota   8:00pm   
 Fri 25 @ Memphis   8:00pm   
 Sat 26 @ Houston   8:00pm   
 Mon 28 vs Orlando   7:30pm   
 Wed 30 vs Miami   8:00pm   
FebruaryOpponentTimeLocal TVNat TVRadio
 Fri 01 vs Chicago   7:30pm   
 Tue 05 vs LA Lakers   7:30pm   
 Wed 06 @ Detroit   7:30pm   
 Fri 08 @ Washington   7:00pm   
 Sun 10 vs San Antonio   8:00pm   
 Mon 11 @ Indiana   7:00pm   
 Wed 13 vs Denver   7:30pm   
 Tue 19 vs Milwaukee   7:30pm   
 Wed 20 @ Milwaukee   8:00pm   
 Fri 22 vs Houston   7:30pm   
 Sun 24 vs Memphis   3:30pm   
 Tue 26 @ New Orleans   8:00pm   
MarchOpponentTimeLocal TVNat TVRadio
 Fri 01 vs Dallas   8:00pm   
 Sat 02 @ Chicago   8:00pm   
 Wed 06 @ Charlotte   7:00pm   
 Fri 08 vs Washington   7:30pm   
 Sat 09 @ Atlanta   7:00pm   
 Mon 11 @ Philadelphia   7:00pm   
 Tue 12 vs New Orleans   7:30pm   
 Sun 17 vs Atlanta   8:00pm   
 Mon 18 @ Detroit   7:30pm   
 Wed 20 @ Dallas   8:00pm   
 Sat 23 @ LA Clippers   10:30pm   
 Sun 24 @ Phoenix   9:00pm   
 Wed 27 @ Portland   10:30pm   
 Fri 29 @ Denver   9:00pm   
 Sat 30 @ Utah   9:00pm   
AprilOpponentTimeLocal TVNat TVRadio
 Wed 03 @ Cleveland   7:00pm   
 Thu 04 vs Chicago   7:00pm   
 Sat 06 vs Charlotte   7:30pm   
 Tue 09 vs Philadelphia   7:30pm   
 Wed 10 @ Boston   8:00pm   
 Fri 12 @ Indiana   7:00pm   
 Sun 14 @ Toronto   3:30pm   
 Mon 15 vs Washington   7:30pm   
 Wed 17 vs Detroit   8:00pm   
Credit: Brooklyn

The Nets games will continue to appear on Yes Network. But this season they will appear more on ESPN, TNT and NBA TV, looks like they'll be getting a lot more airtime.  Can't wait for the season to start!!!!

It's going to be quite a season for the EAST and the WEST ain't looking to bad either.  

--Princess Carter

Credit:  Brooklyn Nets & The NBA

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