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FLOTUS IN LONDON: First Lady Michelle Obama Leads Presidential Delegation, Greets TEAM USA & Military Families, Dines With The Queen, Plays With Kids & Cheers on TEAM USA ...Cheers On USA at XXX Olympic Games...

It's clear to see that First Lady Michelle Obama is enjoying her role as Leader of The Presidential Delegation To The 2012 Olympic Games In London and TEAM USA and London are loving her right back!!! But can you blame them... she's warm, sweet, smart and has the biggest heart.  

The FLOTUS arrived in the host city and got straight to her Olympic duties.  First she greeted members of Team USA at the University of East London on Friday (July 27) --where she addressed the team and of course gave them big hugs --we all know our FLOTUS is a big huger.    

Friday was a pretty big day for the First Lady.  After eating breakfast and spending time with TEAM USA.  She attended a reception hosted by the Queen for Heads of State and Government attending the Olympics.  And she of course ended the night cheering on TEAM USA at the Opening Ceremony.  

The Opening Ceremony broke a record in the U.S., it was the most watched Opening Ceremony in U.S. history, watched by more that 41 million households.

Then on Saturday she cheered on Serena as she won her first match.  Attended the evening sessions of the Swimming Heats at the Aquatics Centre, where she sat with Summer Sanders and cheered on Team USA

Saturday was also the kick off of the Let's Move Olympic Fun Day:
The Let's Move Olympic Fun Day, designated for Saturday, July 28, the first day of the Olympic games and, the First Lady hopes, an opportunity to get kids moving with Olympic-inspired fitness.
"I wanted to turn that Olympic inspiration into action," Mrs. Obama told reporters during a phone conference yesterday. "By using these Games as a way to get more kids up and moving. ... As our Olympic athletes begin to compete in London, they will truly be inspiring a generation of young people to get active and strive for excellence." (Source: huffingtonpost)

The FLOTUS showed off her own athletic chops at the event.  Playing soccer with David Beckam and Spongebob Squarepants.  She also played tennis and other sports. The event was attended by American military children and British and American students.  Also helping out the FLOTUS at the event was former Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin and Nickelodeon.

First Lady Michelle Obama is at a “Let’s Move! London”
event for American military children and American and British students
On Sunday she visited with military base members and their families in a hanger at Mildenhall Air Force Base.  

She also cheered on TEAM USA Men's Basketball as they beat France 98-71 in their first game.  Team USA and the coaches got a big hug and kiss from the FLOTUS after their victory.

The FLOTUS has once again charmed the masses.  Check out photos of her first Olympics.  Can't wait to see her and the POTUS in Brazil!!! 

Attending the Queen's Reception (07/27/12):

Cheering on TEAM USA at Opening Ceremony (07/27/12):

Greeting TEAM USA at the University of East London on Friday (07/27/12):

Cheering on TEAM USA Men's Basketball, Sunday 7/29/12:

Thanking Coach K for the win.
Everyone got hugs, even #1 Draft pick Anthony Davis.  The NBA rookie is having quite a summer!!! Quite a summer!!!

Melo & The FLOTUS

Lebron & The FLOTUS

Kobe & The FLOTUS

#1 Draft Pick Anthony Davis & The FLOTUS

The First Lady and those OKC BOYZ Durant & Westbrook.
The FLOTUS & Chandler
Hosting a LET'S MOVE! London Event with Nickelodeon on Saturday:
FLOTUS with former Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin.

Attending Swim Heat:

Go TEAM USA and BRAVO to our FLOTUS for a job well done.  Very proud!!!

 --Princess Carter

Credit: HuffingtonPost, & Zimbio

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