Thursday, July 19, 2012

Funk Flex Gives "3 Kings" The Royal Treatment: Premieres Rick Ross's Much Anticipated "3 Kings" ft. Jay-Z & Dr. Dre....

Rozay's much anticipated track, "3 Kings" arrived on-line today and sent the net into a frenzy.  He's been talking about the track for awhile, calling it "the biggest collaboration in hip-hop." The track was well worth the wait.  It gets into your soul, takes you back, it just feels good.  Or as Jay says, "It's just different".  

It's soulful beat provides the perfect canvas for Jay, Rozay and Dre to tell their stories.  Each one takes us on a ride through their past, present and future.  The track has a royal feel.  MTV calls their flow regal:
Rick RossDr. Dre and Jay-Z weren't born heirs to the hip-hop throne, but on Rozay's newest single, "3 Kings" the trio most definitely spit the most regal of raps. (MTV)
Flex premiered the track at 7:00 PM and he did what we all knew he would: he turned the "3 Kings" premiere into a movie.  Boasting, bragging, restarting, and dropping multiple bombs.  Luv'd when he said, "I've seen a lot of rappers and djs come and go, and in 2012 Jay-Z name still cut."  

It was another night that Flex along with King Hov & Co. sent the city and hip-hop into a frenzy... Epic!!! 

 Check out Flex's premiere below and the Def Jam un-tagged version below.

Flex's Premiere:

"3 Kings" is classic Hip-Hop and the line-up is cray... but the Boy Hov, King H.O. killed it!!!

Def Jam  Release:

Ross Talks Collabo:

--Princess Carter

Sources: MTV, Hot 97,, Def Jam

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