Monday, July 16, 2012

In The Know: President Obama, The First Family & VP Joe Bidden Cheer on Team USA as They Battle Against Brazil + The POTUS & FLOTUS Get caught on Kiss Cam!!!!

Team USA has been in the Nation's capital since last week prepping for this summer's Olympic games.  Yesterday both the men and women's teams conducted practice in front of Military Families and Veterans.  And today both teams played against Brazil in exhibition games --as the President, First Lady, Malia and VP Joe Bidden cheered on (the men's team).

The POTUS, who is a huge basketball fan, was greeted with a rouse of applause and a standing ovation when he entered the arena.  And the smiles on Team USA's faces were priceless, their look of pride was just touching. 

Before the rousing applause, he (the President) first met and spent time with the Women's Team --who played first and blew past the Brazilian Team (96-67).  Both the POTUS and Joe Bidden took pictures with the team, and had nothing but praise for the team. 

Michelle and Malia arrived mid-way into the second quarter --and quickly settled in to watch the game with the Dad-in-Chief.  The Pres and First Lady even got caught on the Kiss Cam, the first time the camera came around the President didn't notice it, but the second time, with Malia cheering on, he went in for the kiss.  

At halftime the President gave his input on the whole Dream Team vs Today's Team.  Being from  Chicago we all know who he picked, the Jordan led Dream Team.  

In the end the men led by Lebron's incredible defense and overall play, he had 30 points, they beat Brazil 80-69.  I'm sure during the actual Games that victory margin will be much higher.

Check out more pictures and the President's halftime interview below. 

 It was a proud night for The President, the First Family and all USA.   Go USA!!!!

--Princess Carter

Source: ESPN,, Zimbio &

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