Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hovah Dollars: Jay-Z Debuts "The Future" + Duracell Commercial

Jay has always had a keen eye on what was next.  Today on his Life + Times site he released a video called "Welcome to The Future...Again".  In the video Jay showcases, who he thinks has next.  

The video features hip hop newbies J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Theophilus London. Selita E. Banks, along with other up-and-coming models. Indie Rockers, skateboarders and rookie basketball players.    Check out the video below. 

Also Jay's Duracell Powermat Commercial is out.  Jay's an investor.  Check out how the commercial gets both Carters (Jay & B) to appear.  Check it out below.

Credit: Roc4Life

The Duracell Powermat looks perfect for work, school and especially vacay.  It looks really cool.

Bonus:  Ramel Carter talks to Global Grind about Jay's Advice and the "gorgeous" Blue.

Jay's D’ussé Ad.

 --Princess Carter

Source: Life + Times, & Global Grind

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