Monday, July 16, 2012

Guilty Pleasures: 'Nikita' Cast Talks Action Packed Season 3 at Comic-Con + Watch Sizzle Reel...

The CW's Nikita cast, attended Comic-Con last week to talk about season three of the hit action drama.  

One of the biggest changes according to executive producer Craig Silverstein, is there will be more focus on "rogue villains":  “It’s going to be more standalone [at the beginning of season three] because they’re going after rogue agents that Percy created. Each one is a window to another world," he reported during Comic-Con.  It looks like they may be going the Criminal Minds route with a dash of Sci-Fi. 

The season will also focus on Nikita's (Maggie Q) being back at Division and her difficulties with having a boss again and dealing with authority.  The Team and their relationships will also be a big  focus:
“Alex finally has a little bit of a romance. I think it’ll be good for a bit and then like [everything], it’ll all fall apart,” Fonseca says, who adds that she hopes that Alex and Sean (Dillon Casey) will get a proper first date. Alex isn’t the only one who finally has some luck in the love department. “[Birkhoff] was kind of a bit of a kissing bandit,” Stanford says of season two, adding that “after the break, maybe there will be some new tension between Birkhoff and Sonya .. and it might not be good.”
Amanda's fate will also be explored and it looks like we'll finally learn her back-story and how she felt about Percy's death:
“I should assume that she’s in exile and in hiding and ultimately I think she’s in the same position that Nikita was where she was all alone. She might have one singular obsession right now and that’s going after Nikita,” Clarke says. Silverstein says that Amanda will not be seen in the first episode. Silverstein also revealed that there will be a "female Roan" in the works.
Very interesting.  It ooks like season three is going to be just as action packed as season's one and two.  Nikita is a great action packed show, with a great story line and kick-ass action scenes.  Checkout the Sizzle Reel below, of what has happened so far in the series. 

Can't wait for the new season!!! Head over to the CW to catch up on this and last season's Nikita.  

--Princess Carter

Sources:  Huffington Post & The Hollywood Reporter

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