Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mr. Social Media: Jay-Z's Twitter Q&A Boosts Followers By Over 46,000...Becomes One Of "The Most Heavy-Volume Chats" Twitter's Ever Seen

Mr. Carter is all about #NewRules.  Yesterday he sent twitter into a frenzy when out of the blue, he began randomly answering and re-tweeting fans and foes for most of the day.   It was a perfect way to spend the eve of  Magna Carta Holy Grail's worldwide release.  Jay's tweets offered wisdom, humor and #factsonly.

Today the Twitter bosses revealed, that Jay's Q&A was the "most heavy-volume chats" the site had ever seen:
"Fans are constantly receiving Tweet responses from their favorite artists on Twitter, but Jay-Z's Q&A was definitely one of the most heavy-volume chats we've seen," said Twitter's Shavone Charles. "Over 100 fans received direct responses from @S_C_ on questions ranging from his favorite Michael Jackson song to his advice for indie artists in the music industry."  (Source:  Billboard)
As a result of the Q&Q, Jay who rarely tweets--although this is his second tweet session since, announcing MCHG--gained over 46,000 followers (in one day) yesterday.

Hov also became the topic of several trending topics:
#MCHG became the #2 worldwide trending topic at around 10 AM as the tweets started to fly. Two phrases, #mylaugh and #factsonly, which he appended to his early responses while there was still speculation as to whether or not his account had been hacked, also became trending topics. (Source: Billboard)
It was quite a day, and Jay's wisdom and comedy made my day.  Check out some of my favorite @S_C_ tweets below.  And once again congrats Jay.

Pick up your copy of Jay's amazing, "Magna Carta Holy Grail", today.

Jay offers his wisdom & comedy in Twitter Q&A, July 8, 2013:

--Princess Carter

Sources:  Billboard, Twitter & Mr. Carter/@S_C_ (Jay-Z's twitter)

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