Friday, February 24, 2012

All Star Weekend: Lebron James & Kobe Bryant Introduce Sprite's "Uncontainable Game" Campaign; Watch The Commercial

Today Kobe Bryant and LeBron James teamed up to introduce Sprite's "Uncontainable Game" campaign.   The acutal game will be played next year in Houston during All Star Weekend 2013.  Kobe and Lebron will serve as coaches.  Kobe will coach "Team Intense" and Lebron will coach "Team Sudden".

Each team's players will be picked from a global wide initiative that will have both Kobe and Lebron on the hunt for the best team possible.

Check out the commercial and find out how to enter, below.

Players can submit videos of their "sudden" or "intense" moves online to be judged by a panel of experts. Ultimately, two teams of 12 amateur players each will be selected to compete in the "Uncontainable Game" at NBA All-Star 2013. "
When we look at basketball as a global sport, it's the second biggest, after soccer," said Sara Schmid, group director-global marketing integration at Coca-Cola. "Basketball, as a form of self-expression, is a way to get teens around the world to express their passion and moves." 
The campaign will run in 27 countries, making it the largest global campaign Sprite has ever executed. Two years ago "The Spark" campaign introducing a fresh tagline and highlighted the brand's first global packaging design.  (Source: Ad Age)  

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