Thursday, February 23, 2012

In The Mix: Bobbi Kristina Returns Home; Surrounded By Family, Friends & The Cleaner

A lot has been said about Bobbi Kristina since her mom's untimely passing.  Well now Forbes and Access Hollywood are reporting that Bobbi Kris is back at home in Atlanta and is being surrounded by friends, family and The Cleaner (her mom's sober coach).

via Forbes:  You can forget all those stories about Whitney Houston‘s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, disappearing or doing drugs since her mother’s death. I am told that “from the moment” Whitney passed away, the family called in Houston’s drug counselor for help.Warren Boyd, aka “The Cleaner,” has been with Bobbi Kristina “around the clock.” Says my source: “He came right to the Beverly Hilton Hotel, he stayed on the 4th floor with her, he’s been by her side through everything. He went to the funeral and then took her home. Bobbi Kristina didn’t go to the repast because she was overwhelmed. But Warren was with her at the hotel. She never went missing.” The source added that “Bobbi Kristina is being watched like a hawk, don’t worry.” Calls to Boyd were not returned. Boyd was responsible for cleaning Whitney up almost a year ago–starting in April 2011, and at least one previous time.
--Princess Carter

Source:  AccessHollywood &

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