Wednesday, February 22, 2012

POTUS NEWS: President Obama Shows His Off His Vocal Chops Again, Sings "Sweet Home Alabama"

Our POTUS showed off his vocal chops again (via TheHuffingtonPost):
The president just couldn't say no: Mick Jagger held out a mic almost by way of command, and soon Barack Obama was belting out the blues with the best of them.

The East Room of the White House was transformed into an intimate blues club on Tuesday night for a concert featuring blues all-stars of the past, present and future - and the president himself.
The surprise performance by Obama came at the end of the playlist when the blues ensemble was singing "Sweet Home Chicago," the blues anthem of Obama's home town.
Buddy Guy prodded the president, saying he'd heard that the president sang part of an Al Green tune recently, and adding, "You gotta keep it up."
Then Jagger handed over the mic, and Obama seemed compelled to comply.
"Come on, baby don't you want to go," the president sang out twice, handing off the mic to B.B. King momentarily, and then taking it back to tack on "Sweet Home Chicago" at the end.
Source:  TheHuffingtonPost

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