Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Royals: June Ambrose Talks Jay, B & Blue's Debut

Stylist June Ambrose, or as Jay calls her his Style Architect, spoke to US Weekly about The Carters and the way they unveiled Blue's pictures to the world.  Below is and excerpt from the interview.

Credit: The Carters
Celeb stylist June Ambrose is pals with Beyonce, 30, and Jay-Z, 42, and met little Blue weeks ago. "I couldn't say a word," she told Us Weekly at the Mara Hoffman fashion show at NYC's Lincoln Center Saturday. But the superstar couple thought carefully about sharing the hugely-anticipated first snapshots. "B really really thought about this," Ambrose said, "and she really wanted to do it this way."

Credit: The Carters
"She just couldn't imagine selling pictures of her baby," Ambrose added of the pics, which would have fetched a huge price tag. "It just felt really good to see her do it under her terms. It doesn't surprise me."
Little Blue, meanwhile, is "a princess," Ambrose gushed. "She's definitely very alert, you can see from the photos, you feel like she's been here before...she's always in a loving environment, and you can see that she's born into greatness. I think that's what those photos really say. She's a good baby!"
And as cute as the photos suggest, she added. "A girl with big full lips, she'll be a supermodel, I can't wait! And her eyes -- she's gorgeous!"
And Jay-Z and Beyonce are settling into parenthood beautifully, too, she noted. "They're great. They were so good, before having this baby, when they were with children. I never thought for once it would be difficult. They're grounded."
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--Princess Carter

Credit:  UsWeekly & helloblueivycarter

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